Ride 4 - have we finally got the perfect motorbike sim?

The latest Ride game is more polished than ever

36w ago

At £49.99 for the base version (£74.99 for the deluxe edition) many motorcycle gaming fans will be looking to reviews to see whether the latest incarnation of the Ride franchise is worth the not unsubstantial wedge.

Having played the new game for the last week solid (lockdown does have its uses) I've listed the good and bad bits below


There's yet to be a developer who has really perfected motorbike racing in a game. In fact, the holy grail will probably never be reached, but Ride 4 is by far the most complete attempt to date. It improves massively on the last game for both realism and satisfaction factor when you get things just right. It's another generation ahead of anything that's come before it.

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Everything looks and sounds great

Rather than developing too many new models of bike and track, they've instead concentrated on polishing the existing bikes in perfect detail, using laser scanning of both circuits and bikes which look superb from every angle. Engine sounds are another level again from anything made previously.

Loading times...

The last version of Ride was a tad irritating where loading times were concerned. Having timed the average load screen, I'm pleased to say they've been reduced by around half.

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It's tough but rewarding

There are now endurance races where fuel load, tyre compound and weather are all a constantly shifting factor. The AI is also HUGELY improved upon, and actually a tad scary when it comes to realism. Even on 'Very Easy' mode (I know, I know) it's tough to make a break from your competitors.

It's also possible to create custom helmets, badges and leather designs in the online sharing mode. Look for the D_TRB logo for your leathers and helmet!

For a list of all of the updates to the gameplay, see the video below.


Ride 4 is a game of commitment, and not just because of the retail price. Certain licenses and challenges are TOUGH! But if you put in the work, you won't find a more complete or rewarding motorcycle sim out there.

Available from October 8th 2020

The finest bike sim to date

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Comments (9)

  • Had a go, not had time to get very far yet, first off, the game looks just fantastic all around, the bikes and especially the tracks all look really really good. They've spent some time on the sound as well, really nice there. The bike physics are better than three for sure, will have to progress further to really comment but the braking seems a bit strange. I do have concerns about the difficulty level, though, I'm getting through okay, but the challenges at the beginning are a huge barrier to those just trying to get started, even veteran racing game players are having a real time just getting past the opening round of license tests. The AI seems best at running me over, they could use some polish I think. All in all though, I'm enjoying it, in spite of some minor concerns. Beats the hell out of shoveling this winter!

      8 months ago
    • Milestone released a patch today to make the kerbs less sensitive so they don’t keep causing time trials to fail.

      They’ll need to add rewind to the endurance races as like you said, the AI just shunts you off. I can see quite a few fixes coming...

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        8 months ago
  • 5 Stars? what were you smoking when reviewing this? or how much did they pay you?

      8 months ago
    • You think people get paid by game makers? Seriously? 🙄

        8 months ago
    • Not really, but it's about as believable as an impartial reviewer giving this 5 stars

        8 months ago
  • EIgHtY QuID!!!

      8 months ago
  • Looks great!

      8 months ago
  • Not much of a gamer anymore but this does make me want to buy a console again

      8 months ago