RIDE THE LIGHTNING. GDZH’s ‘Storm’ Suzuki A100 Racer

5w ago


While most motorcycle racing has its origins in Europe and North America one form of the sport is so quintessentially Australian it started life in New Zealand; just like Phar Lap and Russell Crowe. The humble Bucket Racer was a cheap way to get your need for speed and gets its name because the donor bikes were considered buckets of shit. Decades on and the style, like everything else, has gone global. But to find one of the best examples we’ve ever seen, we had to travel to Bandung, Indonesia. There Dana Prasetya and his crew at GDZH Custom Cycle have crafted this stunning Suzuki A100 racer that smokes up a ‘Storm’!

It was supposed to be a bargain way to go racing, buy a cheap commuter bike with a tiny engine, strip off the road gear and thrash it amongst a pack of up to sixty others on the circuit. But once the competitive juices start to flow the need to win takes over and would you believe it, a global arms race broke out to make sub 10hp bikes, race winning weapons. Thankfully common sense eventually prevailed and budgets were reined in. But some of the special parts from the glory years remain and a few even made their way to Indonesia.


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