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Rider Crashes Bike Moments After It's Sold!

1y ago


We get it, you're selling your pride and joy and you want to take her out one last time for a farewell spin. It's a good idea to take it easy or if you fancy a spirited ride, you should probably stick to roads you know.

This spanner took to unfamiliar roads and proceeded to have the front end wash out from under him from grabbing a handful of brake on a sharp, downhill bend on his CBR Fireblade

We endured the whole clip of the annoying narration; skip to 8 minutes to see the good stuff!

If you trawl through the rest of his monotonous Vlogs, you'll find one entitled: "WHY I Bought THIS 1000cc Bike as My FIRST Bike!" What bothers me, aside from his indiscriminate use capital letters, is that a complete novice buys a thousand... Isn't that the golden rule: Avoid litre sports bikes as your first motor?! Which he crashes, shown in the video: "CRASHING New Bike On My FIRST RIDE!" If there's ever a sign to give up riding, the combination of crashing your bike more times than having a piss is probably it! I would include links to the "Vlogs" but we don't want to ruin your day any more with the sound of his voice. We do however, think it's rather commendable that he held accountability for his riding, rather than saying the steering locked up like in other videos.

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  • "Foot dragged a little bit" I don't know but where on earth are you placing your feet if you manage that on a sportsbike, leaning like 20 degrees?

    1 year ago
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  • Dumbass, even riding with sneakers. Should have left the training wheels on...

    1 year ago
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