Ridge Racer Type 4 and 19 other games confirmed for PlayStation Classic

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If the idea of classic PlayStation gaming sounds tempting but not so much you want to dig out the old console from your cold and spider-infested loft, the new PlayStation Classic is for you.

20 games will be playable on the PlayStation Classic when it launches on the 3rd of December, 2018, priced at £89.99 (US$99.99). Some absolute blinders are included, such as Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and Metal Gear Solid ("What's with the box?").


Three racing games have made the cut. Twisted Metal is one of them and is all about destroying your fellow racers in true Carmageddon style. Then there is Destruction Derby, which is all about, erm, destroying your fellow racers.

That leaves Ride Racer Type 4, which is actually a racing game where you are best off avoiding other racers unless you like being last. And Grand Theft Auto, which is a top-down crime-'em-up that lets you drive around destroying pretty much anything you want.

Justifying most of the price tag is Final Fantasy VII, which is the best in the series (yes, we have played them all) and perfectly capable of dominating your free time. Especially if you plan on maxing your level, acquiring gold Chocobos and earning every legendary weapon.

Stealthy Syphon Filter, meanwhile, was a Metal Gear Solid wannabe but was different enough to warrant your time. Cool Boarders 2 was just cool, mainly because of the ability to pull off ridiculous stunts without making much effort.

The lack of Gran Turismo games and other classic PlayStation racers is a shame, but we would assume it is because of licensing. The full list of games you get inside the PlayStation Classic is as follows:

• Battle Arena Toshinden

• Cool Boarders 2

• Destruction Derby

• Final Fantasy VII

Grand Theft Auto

• Intelligent Qube

• Jumping Flash!

• Metal Gear Solid

• Mr. Driller

• Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

• Rayman

• Resident Evil Director’s Cut

• Revelations: Persona

• Ridge Racer Type 4

• Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

• Syphon Filter

• Tekken 3

• Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

• Twisted Metal

• Wild Arms

The PlayStation Classic comes with two controllers and is a smaller version of the original console, with the aforementioned games pre-loaded. So, no, you can't play anything else because the discs won't fit. And those spiders have made a nice home out of them.

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