Rigging a Delorean

How I made this broken Delorean travel through the internet at 88mph!

As a long time fan of rig shots, though admittedly I didn't know what they were called until mid-2014, I knew that I wanted to try my hand at the craft. By late February, 2016, I was able to piece together my first rig kit and start trying to create something magical.

I knew, having seen how many photographers were already rigging, that I would need to do something to try and set myself and my work apart from all the others. With that in mind, I started brainstorming on things I thought would be cool as a rig shot, but would provide a certain level of difficulty or creativity to produce.

A friend told me about a coworker of his who recently purchased a Delorean. The car didn't run, so we wouldn't be able to do much with it.. but when you're rigging you can get buy with no motor (as long as the body looks good!). The common practice is to not rig in neighborhoods, because you want that feel of going fast on those perfect driving roads. However, for those who remember the end of Back to the Future, the car takes off in a neighborhood!

Obviously the Delorean wasn't modified to look like the movie car, so I needed something I could add to the image to help sell the idea of time travel and the movie. That's when I remembered the fire trails left behind the car when it hit 88mph. At the time I had recently read about the light painting craze with steel wool, so I had my idea for practical effects that would reduce time in post.

To shoot these images I had an assistant push the car from the front end, during a 10 second exposure, while myself and another assistant brushed the ground behind the rear wheels with smoldering steel wool. It gave the neighbors in the area a chuckle, wasn't dangerous, and helped create a unique photo that I still haven't seen anyone else replicate.

These creative, crazy, fun rig shots are what I love for. Something different than the everyday motion blur or wheel cleaning images.

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