Rimac founder speaks on Richard Hammond's Concept One crash

Mate Rimac has appeared on the Late Brake Show and speaks on Richard Hammond's Concept One crash.

5d ago

A couple of years ago, Croatian electric car company Rimac was really put on the map when The Grand Tour's Richard Hammond had a near-fatal accident in one while filming for the show.

Footage circled the internet pretty quickly of an electric hypercar around a Hammond rolling down a hill while doing a hill climb race. Not only was this nearly the end of Hammond's career, but also for Rimac as they were at their most vulnerable when The Grand Tour asked to borrow the car.

While speaking to Jonny from the Late Brake Show, Rimac founder, Mate said that the car wasn't the issue in the incident, but instead it occured because Richard looked at the stopwatch to see his time and in that split second the car went off the edge of the track.

I won't go into too much detail in my words as I will let you watch the video below, but it was a seriously lucky outcome for both Rimac and Hammond to say the least. The two have since sat down and talked through it all in a DriveTribe video from 2017.

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Comments (9)

  • He’s spoken about it before as well... no need to publicise it again. More importantly, he spoke about it to DRIVETRIBE

      5 days ago
    • As it states in the article.

        5 days ago
    • Yeah - I don’t understand why people talk about it the moment they have an opportunity to chat with him

        5 days ago
  • I can understand people need to stop talking about hammonds crash (I agree) but I also understand it seems to be working for publicity lol

      4 days ago
  • Whatever, man. I just like to listen Mate being ambitious. It's absolutely inspiring to see a fellow Balkan and Slavic person to succeed 😊

      4 days ago
  • Richard survived that's all anyone should care about I could care less about the car

      4 days ago
  • Richard Hammond survived! That's the most important thing. I believe he just wanted to show how great the car was, how much HE trusted the car.. it was an accident, and accidents happen because we're all human and can make mistakes.. I'm happy to hear that the company is doing fine btw.. As a fan, I must say that I'm a bit sick of hearing RH-crashing-jokes.. whatever he does, the same type of jokes 😩😩 it's been 4 years, it's really getting old and they're all boring as hell!!!

      3 days ago