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Rimac reveals gorgeous C_Two California Edition

Now the electric hyper car is even more special!

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It was back in March, when Rimac Automobili, the Croatian manufacturer for electric cars, unveiled their second hyper car, the C_Two. It is a follow up to the famous Concept One, which was already an incredibly fast and overall breath taking gem. The figures for the C_Two are even more insane. Did you ever experience how acceleration from 0-60 feels like, if completed in 1.85 seconds? And even just reading a number as high as 1,914 with the unit "horsepower" standing next to it, boggles everybody's minds.

From there, Rimac went a step further and created the C_Two California Edition.

This super special hyper car was put together for its first appearance one week prior to the Monterey Car Week in Los Angeles. It has been the first time, that Rimac was presenting a car on the West Coast. At the Petersen Automotive Museum, a place with "one of the finest car collections, blending the important past and the exciting future", according to Rimac, the car company hosted private previews of the one-off hyper car. On 24th August 2018, the C_Two California Edition will then be presented to the public at "The Qual - A Motorsport Gathering".

You may have seen pictures of the C-Two before: futuristic, aerodynamic, grey.

Now forget about the greyness. The California Edition comes with an intense blue paintwork. It also got newly designed rims and some luxury features, especially made to "celebrate the elegance and vibrant atmosphere of the Monterey Car Week". What we are talking about here, are two six litre bottles of champagne in the boot, accompanied by crystal flutes. It seems like the bottles ousted the fire extinguisher especially fitted to the C_Two after Richard Hammond had his unpleasant and rather fiery experience with the Rimac Concept One.

No information was given about a possible price tag of this blue electric dream car.

Enjoy the impressive gallery:

All Images: Rimac Automobili

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  • One of my favorites

      1 year ago
  • I think this is what the customer wanted in there Rimac. Here is the one for Richard Hammond.

      2 years ago
  • Those are some massive bottles... I looked at the pics before reading and wondered what those were! But 3 champagne flutes in a two-seater? 🤔

      2 years ago
    • I'm also confused over the odd number of flutes.

        2 years ago
  • hmm, the jury is still out on this one

      2 years ago

      2 years ago