Rimac wants to buy a bit of Bugatti - should they do it?

Would you want that to happen?

33w ago

Reports have been circling around that EV car giant Rimac wants to buy Bugatti from VW in exchange for some shares. Whether this is true or not we don't know but it sounds possible.

Rimac are supposedly after 15% of Bugatti and will presumably use their EV powers to enhance the Bugatti, if that is at all possible.

VW Group is apparently looking to unload Bugatti to Rimac via Porsche, in exchange for a larger piece of the EV supercar brand. Porsche currently owns a 15.5% share in Rimac. It's all very complicated but that's how it currently stands.

However, according to certain sources, VW executives have already approved the deal, although the group’s supervisory board has yet to sign off according to Car Magazine.

This deal may make a lot of sense for all parties involved as VW could be looking to own as much as 49% of Rimac which would dramatically further its EV range. And then Rimac would receive the Bugatti brand and with it the infrastructure would be able to dramatically further its EV supercar range.

It's all very up in the air but developments are being made and it could lead to some very exciting projects. But then there is also the debate that Bugatti is Piech's baby and to see it go electric could be seen as a shame. Comment your thoughts down below!

Should VW give up a bit of Bugatti to Rimac?

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Comments (28)

  • No, if they do it Bugattis are going to be electric

      7 months ago
  • So goodbye to the iconic VW Jetta key used by Bugattis.

      7 months ago
  • i think it is done deal. Look what they manged to get and do just 15,5% of shares. Because of Rimac VW groupe managed to produce ID3, ID4, ID6 (ID4 and ID6 are in development), Taycan and e-Tron. I know that AUDI probably had also developed ev program because of racing in e-formula. With increased shears VW groupe gets more ev development in the future and Rimac when they get Bugatti gets additional development andmanufacturing options. Win-win for everyone involved. Including Bugatti because if they want an to go electric in the future (which they will have to to sooner or later) Rimac is there best options for the future.

      7 months ago
  • That would properly put Rimac on the map, and we may get some more speed and power from a Hybrid/EV Bugatti so..... I don't see why not?

      7 months ago
  • It does not necessarily mean electric Bugatti. Maybe quite opposite, Rimac with ICE. VW could have electrify Bugatti long time ago. They have both cash and technology. Maybe, just maybe it fresh eyes will look and do something different which will make Bugatti more down-to-earth and it will start breaking even, at least, instead of losing fortunes on every single sale.

      7 months ago