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Our 911 GT2 RS has smashed the Nordschleife lap record. Read on for all the details and Porsche’s official film… #Porsche #GT2RS #RingRecord

4y ago

Pictures of a Racing Yellow GT2 RS lapping the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife earlier this week set the rumour mills alight. This morning Porsche has released the full facts and figures, and they outgun the speculation.

The GT2 RS has just clocked a world record time of 6 minutes 47.3 seconds, making it the fastest road-going Porsche of all time around the infamous 12.9 mile circuit, and also the fastest road-approved sports car, eclipsing the previous best time by almost five seconds.

All the more impressive is the way that Porsche’s GT team went about it. Two identical versions of the same car were present, with two different drivers. Porsche test driver Lars Kern and LMP1 ace Nick Tandy, just off the plane from a six-hour race in Austin, Texas, both lapped the cars, breaking the existing record on the first attempt and going under the six-minute 50 second barrier fully five times between them.

Andreas Preuninger, Director GT Model Line, explained what this meant to him and his team: “It’s not just the record time achieved by the GT2 RS that demonstrates the vehicle’s class, but also its consistent performance in every lap. We’re particularly proud of the fact that this was achieved with two different vehicles and two different drivers, as this underlines the GT2 RS’s ability to reproduce this record result over and over again”.

The 690bhp cars were in standard production trim and shod in road-legal Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tyres. The outright fastest lap, driven by Nordschleife veteran Kern, was achieved at just after 7pm on 20 September and averaged a remarkable 114mph.

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Frank-Steffen Walliser, Vice President Motorsport and GT Cars, reflected on what was an unexpected level of success for the project: “At the start of the development process, we set ourselves a lap time target for the GT2 RS of less than 7 minutes and 5 seconds. The credit for beating this target by 17.7 seconds goes to our development engineers, mechanics and drivers, who demonstrated an exceptionally strong team performance. This result makes it official: the GT2 RS is not only the most powerful but also the fastest 911 ever built”.

Congratulations to the GT team and drivers. Look out later for the full onboard film of Kern’s stunning record lap.

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Comments (14)

  • Love the fact they did it with 2 cars and two different (all be it very talented) drivers.

      4 years ago
  • Take that Lamborghini

      4 years ago
  • Superb effort by the GT Development Team and drivers. Astounding performance. More than 10s faster than the 918. Would be good to see these racing and kicking ass in the WEC

      4 years ago
  • Congrats guys.

      4 years ago
  • YYYEEAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!! So cool. See, no need for that silly AWD! ;) . The car was so poised on entry and exit. I'm curious to know if all the nannies were off or if some were on. What a lap. Congrats to Dr. Walliser and the team!

      4 years ago
    • Hi Jeff. All the electronic safety systems were switched off. It was just one epic car and one very talented driver ^PW

        4 years ago
    • Now the hard part, Albert Blue or Tangerine? Decisions decisions.

        4 years ago