R.I.P. Apollo Cars

3y ago

I think it was early 2013 in Switzerland, when I had the chance to attend the press days at the Geneva Motor Show. There I spotted the beautiful Apollo Cars, which have the same 'hop in' like a Gullwing also has, the one I drove before at my friend's house. I don't think that Apollo opens a new super car era with their various concept cars, because these cars don't have anymore an own design, more a mixture of many supercar- faces- .. But who knows, maybe it's just me who is missing a own cooperate design ...Any thoughts to here? #Apollo, #supercars, #carsinfashion, #carporn, #smalltribesrule #coverthemoment, #spotted

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  • Hi Jul, love your gold and black Gumpert Apollo Arrow top pic and your punk rock bondage multi buckle boots... are they ok driving?

      3 years ago