RIP GT-4586

Portland Touge

4y ago

It’s the painful reality of loving cars; sometimes they crash. Even when they're driven by professional drivers.

On Ryan Tuerck recant film. It features his GT4586 as he attacks a closed-off mountain pass in Portland.

On his first shot of the day, the GT4586 is being followed by a Ferrari 458 Spyder camera car into a long right hander – only for Tuerck to clip it too close and bounce off the wall.

After clipping the walk Tuerck tries to recover and set up for the next corner where he unfortunately ditches the car. Once the GT4586 was pulled from the ditch, Tuerck team started repairing the car straight away. Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to have been any lasting damage done. Just a bent tie-rod and little embarrassment.

After all the damaged parts were swapped they where able to continue on with the rest of the day’s shoot.

It's not the best way to start the first scene. But everyone has their bad days.

Source: Donut Media

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  • That's insane... I wish I could do that too 😢

      4 years ago