RIP Old DIY Forum Car Guides

How one website's decision messed with the entire internet

UPDATE: Reddit user Shobster posted about an awesome Chrome extension to fix this. Photobucket Embed Fix. Make sure to delete your cookies and restart Chrome in order for it to work.

Have you ever searched the internet to figure out how to replace some obscure part on your car?

What was your saving grace? An incredibly in-depth forum post that helped you figure it out.

It had pictures and detailed instructions to complete your task. IT WAS AWESOME

Well that's all changed - because Photobucket decided to take a dump on the internet.

With most of the of the forums, they didn't allow you to upload and store you images to a post.

It was either due to the limitations of the software they were using or because storing files cost money.

75% of Photobucket’s costs originate from non-paying users leveraging 3rd parties

John Corpus, CEO of Photobucket

Because of this, you had to store you upload your image elsewhere and then used a little bit of code to add it to the forum.

One of the most popular places that forum members used was Photobucket.

Unfortunately Photobucket decided that this was getting too expensive, so they made it where you couldn't put your images on forums (or anywhere) without paying.

This means that all the existing images on forums that were from Photobucket are now showing as inaccessible.

Luckily, a lot of people have been creating video tutorials on YouTube. So a lot of those old forum posts may not be needed.

However, if you do need to store an image somewhere, we suggest imgur


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