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If you previously thought the riskiest place to drive was anywhere near a sub-post office on pension day, then think again. According to the very latest research conducted by some research-savvy people, most of Africa is considerably more perilous to drive near/through/around. As is the microscopic Russian enclave, Kaliningrad Oblast, which is situated in the Baltic region, for those of you wearing a blank expression right about now.

And of course various remote mountain passes located in both South and Central America feature prominently on this latest map, as highlighted by many a Top Gear Special over the years. And for the obvious reason of imminent death, should your vehicle part company with the perilous road/track you’re circumnavigating. Ones littered with makeshift crosses to remind motorists as to the fate of countless other drivers.

Kazakhstan and Iran also appear to be countries you need to avoid if you’re planning a relaxing driving holiday in 2019, while I shouldn’t think that either Saudi Arabia or Thailand have road signs (complete with WI-crafted flowerbeds at the foot of them) which purport to ‘welcoming careful drivers’ at their border crossings, judging by the splurge of appropriate dark brown colouration that symbolises just how dangerous its roads are.

'If you previously thought the riskiest place to drive was anywhere near a sub-post office on pension day, then think again.'

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However, none of these aforementioned countries quite top the list of riskiest places in the world to drive, as to discover who has that accolade we have to look a lot closer to home. Basically, statistics experts have established that drivers whose daily lives take them in close proximity to any picturesque English village green which temporarily accommodates a mobile library on a Thursday, do so at serious risk to their own life.

Meanwhile car parks adjoined to crown green bowling clubs have been identified as another grid reference which is now officially classed as more dangerous than downtown Lagos to circumnavigate by means of car. And despite less than a quarter of Ulaanbaatar’s roads bearing anything that resembles a tangible driving surface, the Mongolian capital is still a relative joy to drive through compared to roads leading from The Fox and Hounds pub in Lower Fisting-on-Mire on a Tuesday afternoon; directly after senior citizen’s pie and bridge special comes to an end. Where it’s claimed that drivers ‘take their lives in their own hands’.

Stay vigilant, people.

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