Rivian R1Ts are starting to be made on the assembly line

    Good news if you pre-ordered an R1T!

    10w ago


    Rivian has always been one of the odd ducklings in the electric startup movement, as they haven't gone bust yet, they haven't gotten drastic budget cuts, and more importantly, are actually producing cars. And it's only good news from here.

    Rivian has released a video of the R1T, their electric pickup, being put together on the assembly line. And for what is still only a startup, this is fantastic news for fans, investors, and buyers. Rivian's target date to get the R1T on the road is next summer, but at this pace, there may be a chance that they start getting shipped ahead of schedule.

    However, rushing production isn't a good thing, which is why Rivian are taking their time with the R1T and RTS. The cars rolling off the production line currently are pre-production test cars, that are build to make sure the trucks meet and exceed Rivian's expectations.

    Wrap it up

    This is fantastic news, as it gives us direct confirmation that Rivian has plenty of money, a working factory producing working cars, and soon enough, we will have official Rivian R1T's on the road.

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    Comments (16)

      • 2 months ago
    • This is the EV I have been waiting to see happen. Very promising and amazing range. Let's see it that range figure holds up in the real world.

        2 months ago
    • This is not good news, one more electric car on the road is never good news

        2 months ago
    • Can’t wait!!!!! Want to get one for my dad.

        2 months ago


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