Rivian to install EV chargers at every single State Park in Colorado

42 parks, 42 chargers, all on Rivian's dime

3w ago

EV truck builder Rivian has struck a deal with Colorado officials to install Level 2 charging stations at all of the state's 42 parks. Rivian will cover the cost of the installation, worth an estimated $2 million, and will also service the chargers for the first five years. The deal states that Rivian will install two chargers at each park that are interchangeable with all EV's using the J1772 type plug. Colorado also has the option to renew the service agreement with Rivian for an additional 25 years.

Both Colorado and Rivian should enjoy a mutual benefit from the project. Colorado plans to get 1 million EV's on the road in their state by 2030. Rivian is working on their Rivian Adventure Network, which will add 3,500 Level 3 chargers at over 600 sites across the US and Canada by the end of 2023. They want to install over 10,000 Level 2 chargers, dubbed Waypoints, and Colorado parks are the first step. Waypoints are good for a recharging speed of 11.5 kW, roughly adding 25 miles of ranger per hour of charge. While that might not sound like much, think of the last time you went for a 5-minute hike. Chances are you'll get close to a full "tank" by the time you are ready to head back home.

Installation of these Waypoint chargers should begin in Colorado this July. Obviously there is much to be done building up EV charging infrastructure across the country, but this project is the step in the right direction.

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Comments (14)

  • Rivian is killing it so far, if their vehicles measure up to Tesla then this might become a very big player in the world of EVs

      20 days ago
  • Most parks already have charging points, they are called RV hookups.

      20 days ago
  • Interesting... I've noticed we (colorado) have been doing pretty well with charging stations. This is the sort of thing that will take us the next step forward. Although most state parks have really limited amenities... that 2 million mark might be a little low...

      21 days ago
  • no

      20 days ago
  • Man, Colorado is giving me a lot of reasons to move there.

      20 days ago