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Rivian unveils the coolest pickup truck feature of all time


1y ago

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most eagerly awaited vehicles everyone is talking about. But the electric pickup truck segment has only just begun and many models are still expected in the coming years. Among them is the R1T from Rivian, one of Tesla's most ambitious competitors, which has received significant investments.

The company is now revealing a very special feature of its pickup truck. This feature is yet another reason to believe that the brand is innovating massively. Thus, the R1T and the R1S SUV will receive the Tank Turn, allowing the vehicle to make donuts in the mud. The video provided by the brand shows perfectly how it works.

It is the four engines that orchestrate this little dance. Each engine drives one wheel, allowing each wheel to turn at a different speed, in any direction. To perform the manoeuvre, the wheels on one side turn in one direction while those on the other side turn in the opposite direction!

This feature will most likely be used off-road when you need to go around a large obstacle or even just make a U-turn in a very tight space. This will significantly improve the handling of the vehicle. Rivian intends to make life easier for its customers working mainly in the forest. However, we advise future owners not to use this feature on asphalt, in order to preserve the tires...

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Comments (15)

  • All these years i have lived under the impression a flat loading area on the back was the coolest feature of a pickup. Turns out it's actually some useless gimmick with "tank" in the name

      1 year ago
  • Well... jouvenile... but cool... i like this better than Teslas "laaaaser whipers... uuuu"

      1 year ago
  • How long until Tesla release a video of the cybertruck doing this

      1 year ago
  • One could say they put their own SPEEEEN on a pick up truck.

      1 year ago
  • I hate electric cars but I will admit that is extremely cool

      1 year ago