- Image: Rivian

Rivian will offer a removable roof for the R1T

The American EV startup has said that "an open-air removable roof option will be offered in mid-2022."

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Rivian has been making waves all over the place as the EV startup that could actually go the distance. The R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV are already great looking cars and Rivian has already promised a better battery warranty and a better returns policy than Tesla, which is arguably Rivian's biggest competitor. Now it seems that Rivian could be going a step further than its typical EV competitors and trying to take the fight to more traditional off-road 'lifestyle' brands like Jeep, as it's now said that the R1T will have the option of a removable roof!

Image: Rivian

Image: Rivian

This removable roof option was discovered by people who went on the configurator for the R1T on Rivian's website. There are very few details about what the roof will actually be made of or look like but, according to Rivian, the "open-air removable roof option will be offered in mid-2022." As the R1T is quite a big heavy vehicle, the removable roof could be a pretty heavy affair unless it's made of a lightweight material. It wouldn't be unrealistic either to expect that it could be a multi-piece affair so that it doesn't require two or more people to remove it. There's also no indication of how much the removable roof will cost as an optional extra, but it likely won't be that expensive as it's just for an open-air experience.

Image: Rivian

Image: Rivian

Will there be a big uptake on the removable roof option? I certainly wouldn't be surprised if there is. People who buy the R1T will likely be of the more adventurous kind who would appreciate a more open-air experience when the weather's good. A removable roof would be able to provide exactly that, whilst keeping the near-silent driving experience and insane power and torque that'll come with the Rivian's electric drivetrain. I guess the only thing left for us to find out when it comes to the R1T is actually driving it, which should hopefully be just around the corner!

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  • that looks like a car out of a children's animated movie. NOT sexy.

      1 day ago
  • niceeeeee

      2 days ago
  • I want to be excited about this car but I really am not. I Guess EV trucks aren't my thing.

      3 hours ago
  • Hey, this actually might work!

      13 hours ago
  • Coooooooooooool

      1 day ago