RM Sothebys: Duemila Route Auction

The good, the bad, and the ugly

This past weekend, RM Sothebys held the Duemila Route ("2000 Wheels") auction in Milan, an auction that RM Sothebys has stated as "the largest automotive-themed private collection sale ever staged in Europe". 430 cars, 150 motorcycles, 60 boats, and other automobilia were up for grabs - all without reserve. But, there was a catch, with another catch applying to certain vehicles: everything was seized by government officials, and has been sitting as-is for three years. Now, that may not sound complicated to those unfamiliar with this sort of stuff, but it certainly is. After the hammer strikes, the cars stay put for 10 days, while RM Sothebys liases with an administrator to lift the seizure order. Once the order has been lifted, arrangements for collection can be made. The other catch? Some cars may not be in ideal collection - several were in terrible shape. Without further delay, here's a recap of all vintage Maranello Stallions that sold. It's a mix of good, bad, and ugly. I'll also add...the cars that are in bad shape, I sincerely hope they get the love they deserve. -KDM

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  • I hope you are right and that the Ferraris that need loving care will be taken up by collectors with the time and money to restore them properly. While some of the cars look to be in excellent condition, some others are basically carcasses needing a complete rebuild and in one case Its hard to even tell what it was originally (250 GTE?).

      3 years ago