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Ro-Racing, what it is and why it matters

Ro-Racing is a competitive or casual sport in the online platform ROBLOX, that is largely unnoticed by the public.

Imagine the following: you are in quarantine, Covid-19 is still a thing, you have nothing to do, you like race cars and you like roblox. What if you try to mix both? That is where ro-racing comes in.

For those who don't know, Ro-Racing is a term used to describe any kind of racing competition that happens in the online game creation platform Roblox, ranging from Formula 1 to Endurance Prototypes, to Renault Clio to even Boats. While most of these are just for fun, there are some "leagues" that are meant to be taken seriously, with the virtual "robux" currency being used to pay for things like driver's salary and "repairs".

Now most of these ro-racing leagues are largely unnoticed by most people, with the grand majority of them having around 20-50 members, with around 20 drivers in most F1 leagues. Of course, there are leagues that have upwards of 1000 members, but those are very few in between.

The reason why they matter is that they serve as a easy, essentially no cost way to compete in race cars against real people, and they also offer the opportunity to show your driving skill, and other talents, such as building racing facilities or coding a driver position or lap time tracker. with talented drivers such as "Dakair2", having raced in roblox for years, are some of the fastest you can race with.

There are many leagues in ro-racing, but, as i said earlier, are largely unknown. Theres not even a wikipedia article about ro-racing, i get it, who would want to know about lego characters driving in circles for an hour? A lot of people, actually!

Because, even if ro-racing is pretty much unknown in the grand scheme of things, people still actively seek out a league where they can race. The point of ro-racing, for the most part, is to have fun, its to enjoy wheel-to-wheel racing, its to make friends, rivals, to learn new skills.

Thats all i have to say, if you enjoyed reading this article, let me know, i would really appreciate it :D

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