- A 962 roaming the streets of Japan?

Road legal 962?

Meet the wealthy Japanese gentlemen who drives his 962 Le Mans racer on the roads of Japan: Watch the documentary at the bottom of the article.

The Porsche 962 made its endurance race debute at the 1984 24 Hours of Daytona. The car also debuted at Le Mans in the same year and finished 26th, despite having an ignition failure after just 247 laps. The car was actually very reliable though and is as simple to start as a Ford Focus, yes it uses a key!

The 962 is powered by a twin-turbo flat 6 which pushed the car to win 21 constructors championships and also wins at Le Mans in 1986 and 1987. It is clear then that this machine is a raw race car, solely designed to churn out lap times and intimidate fellow racing machines. However, just a few hours north of Tokyo in the rural abyss of Japan lives a man who drives one on the roads.

Mr.Morio is a 56 year old business man who has quite an extensive collection of classic icons. However, the crown jewel of his collection, in our eyes anyway, is his road legal Porsche 962 Le Mans racer. Although purists will argue that it is not a genuine 962 racer, as Mr.Morio's car is actually one of the two Schuppan prototypes ever made, thus meaning it is a mongrel of 956 and 962 mechanicals.

You have to love this man just for his taste and we he has decided to do with his fortunes. When TopGear wrote an article on this unique situation and questioned Mr.Morio on his opinion's of the car he said “It’s quite easy to drive on the street,” - “But scary, and that’s what I love.”. What a man.

This is a documentary by Luke Huxman and it gives you an insight into Mr.Morio and his experiences of owning a streetable 962. It may also help improve your Japanese, a win win then.

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