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Lola f1R Up for auction // IMages courtesy of Bonhams

4y ago

A group of engineers at Lola were set the challenge of building a road legal F1 car. The F1R was the result.

At the centre of the car lies a carbon fibre tub rumoured to have been pinched from Lola's abandoned 1997 Formula One programme. Whether or not that's true though doesn't really matter - just look at the thing.

Even in a world of Radicals and BAC Monos, crossing paths with the F1R on public roads would leave my head twisted 180 degrees as I desperately tried to comprehend the shape that had just blown passed.

The cars aero addenda is not all for show either. Both wings are fully adjustable allowing for a low drag set-up on the Autobahn but full downforce for the local A-road. What's not to love?

Understandably, Lola deemed a full blown 3.0-litre V10 F1 engine a little impractical for daily driving so fitted the F1R with a 2.0-lite turbocharged Cosworth unit. The powerplant generates 370bhp in its current state of tune which is more than adequate for something so light.

The car's to be auctioned in Bonhams December sale with a guide price of £55,000 to £85,000. However, given Lola's heritage and the sheer audacity of the F1R I'd be very surprised if it doesn't hit six figures.

Although I won't be bidding, the F1R's already sitting in my dream garage waiting for summer.

Bonhams December Sale:

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