- This case of road rage ended badly...

Road-Rage-Incident Triggers Heavy Crash On US-Freeway

This Incident Shows What Severe Consequences Road Rage on a freeway can have. Watch this motorcyclist Kick a Car and See a chain-reaction unfold.

Sometimes an action made in the heat of a moment can cause huge trouble. As CBS Los Angeles reports, a motorcyclist on a southern-californian freeway had to learn this the hard way: After a grey Nissan Sentra cut him off, the biker got so enraged that he kicked the Nissan at its rear just above the left back wheel.

However, he probably didn't anticipate how things would unfold afterwards: The Nissan began to skid and grazed the median before recoiling onto the right lane where he crashed into an uninvolved white Cadillac Escalade. According to a video shot by another driver following behind, the Escalade flipped over and landed on its roof.

Allegedly, the biker took off and is currently wanted by the police for hit-and-run. However, the 75-year-old driver of the white truck, who was on his way to work, managed to get out of his car and suffered only minor injuries. He later said, "that was a plus" and also reported that the Nissan driver tended to him and apologized for the crash.

Corresponding to Chris Taber, who shot the video of the incident, the biker and the driver of the Nissan had gotten into an exchange of words. Beforehand, the Nissan had tried to get out of the carpool-lane and slightly jostled the biker. Taber assumed that the biker just got frightened and kicked at the car because of an adrenaline rush.

Currently, the police is looking for witnesses and information on the biker. Anyone who knows something is asked to call the CHP Newhall Area office at (661) 294-5540.

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