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Road Trip Challenge 3!

And the popular series is BACK!

10w ago

Yes! The event everyone has waited for is finally here, the third iteration of the Road Trip Challenge is here. If you have not been following this series for a while, here's a recap:

"The Road Trip Challenge is a car finding/configuring challenge where there will be a set Road Trip with a given car type, budget and route. Players will try and find cars online or configure their own vehicles, and three will be chosen by the creator as the best ones."

Right, to the winners of the last one:

Now in third place:

In third place is Tommo Mitchell! He entered an Alpine A110 for the contest.

A very good looking sports car!

A very good looking sports car!

Good looking sports car, but it does not fit too well into the Grand Tourer category. Still because it is quite a funny find, it is in third place!

In Second...

Is Plymouth Superbird with his Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, an 2018 model! Only three years and it has depreciated so much!

Exciting find!

Exciting find!

Very good grand tourer and estate car, proven by Matt LeBlanc on the quite disappointing new Top Gear.

*Drumroll* WHO's in first?


SO rare! And so controversial

SO rare! And so controversial

YES, it is a BMW Z8. For this BMW 507 Homage car, it has some weird but good looks. Even starred in a James Bond film!

NONONONO. It is wayyyy to over the budget, meaning another winner!

And it is TaycanTurbo Edersano. He entered a BMW M6 which is regarded to be more of a sports car, but it is actually a GT car inside with a comfy interior!

£31K find!

£31K find!

Yes, and now for the next challenge. You see, since the believed-to-be winner is disqualified from the competition for this round because of going over the budget. This means we have to have another budget for the car, but you know what? I liked the idea of giving £180K, so we're sticking to it.

But remember, do not cheat because I shall find out!

Yes. Cheating is bad, but now what are the regulations?

The route is simple. It is from Barcelona in Spain and ending in Bucharest in Romania, chosen by Tommo Mitchell. I .have changed it a bit to make it easier.

30 hours!

30 hours!

For the trip you will need something that is fast and luxurious. This is why the car type for this journey is a supercar. Why? Don't ask me, but it seems right! THE CAR WILL BE CONFIGURED THROUGH A OFFICIAL SITE! Just remember!

How much money will you get? £180,000 is the answer, chosen Seat Arosa Connoisseur. Not the winner though.

Here are some examples to get you thinking: Porsche 911 GT3 Touring

2nd Example: McLaren GT

3rd and last example: Audi R8

That is it, now GET Configuring!

Before we end though, some things to keep in mind:

1. Don't cheat. Check with the prices if there aren't any.

2. Use official configurators, not 3rd party ones!

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