Roaring motors

3y ago

Each year in spring, the Bavarian classic car club is organising its come together under the Bavaria, the landmark of Munich. Blue sky and sunshine was the perfect condition to enjoy a wonderful day with many roaring motors and good looking cars. #vintage, #carsinfashion, #classiccarporn, #carclub, #spotting, Full story and video on my site here:

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  • What a cool dog! I mean cars ... only cars. I see no dog. Awesome cars, really. 😬

      3 years ago
    • txs yes this was my thought when I remembered to all these photos and so I created this little post 🙂. .yeah only cars..

        3 years ago
  • Some great cars and pictures there Jul!

      3 years ago
  • hi Lou Lou here are some more photos and the link, I don't know how to add a video to the photos.. Cheers Jul

      3 years ago
    • Thanks for the link Jul. I r cognised in of this photos. You posted one a couple of days ago. What amazing photos. Looks like it was tons of fun 😃

        3 years ago