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As a mountain rescue vehicle it's terrible, in all honesty it got stuck in a muddy field!

Hi, I'm Rob and I currently drive a 2011 BMW 120D Msport. I bought this two and a half years ago after wanting a good mixture of power and practicality. Of course, if you're after the ultimate power/practicality mixture then you need an M3 but I couldn't afford one so I'll have to settle with this.

It's not the fastest, prettiest or most exciting car in the world but it makes me smile and looks good anywhere you park it. It also did Norwich to Le Mans on three-quarters of a tank on a (ahem) spirited drive. Performance-wise it's pretty quick as hatches go, pretty similar to an ep3 civic type r on out and out performance. But why have one of the best made engines and a fun chassis when you can have a dirty oil burner instead right? Because I can do it with heated seats on, phone plugged into the stereo, hanging the arse out on roundabouts and still achieving 50+ mpg.

I haven't modded it, don't really plan to, but never say never eh? I guess a remap will add some simple gains and the performance alacantara gear knob is pretty appealing [opens new eBay tab]...

To recap, as a mountain rescue vehicle, terrible. As an all rounder, not too bad. Would I sell it for anything? An M3 or a 135i coupe [opens new autotrader tab].

I'll post a few articles soon with how it compared when I took it with the NMR collective to a variety of events and random, spontaneous outings.


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