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Robbers steal a Bentley Continental GT driving it through the front door

They make it this time!

5d ago


After the death of the African-American George Floyd, the United States is going through a difficult period, to say the least. Vandalism and robbery are on the increase throughout the country and the modus operandi is diverse. Car dealerships are clearly not spared and some break-ins are impressive.

We remember in particular the quick theft of several Dodge Challengers. Within a few minutes, the cars were out on the street doing donuts and burnouts. Sometimes, however, thefts can take a somewhat comical turn. That's the case of a botched theft of a Dodge Challenger by teenagers who blocked the muscle car at the dealership entrance.

Last Monday, a dealership in the town of Holland, Missouri was robbed. Several intruders broke into the dealership to steal vehicles from the premises. After a few minutes, the bandits found the keys to only one car.

It was a Bentley Continental GT. The temptation was too great to ignore the luxury coupe. So they logically took the English car and exited through the glass front door. The car has still not been found.


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