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Rocket Bunny Renders Their Upcoming Pandem-Kitted C8 Corvette

But when will we see the real deal?

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You've known about Rocket Bunny. You've seen some of their signature bolt-on kits adorning many popular tuners and exotic cars (and even a truck). Their next kit will be one for the C8 Corvette, so check it out.


Toyo Tires have released a short reel featuring a white C8 Corvette with the new Pandem body kit, which includes the form-fitting riveted fender pumps we've come to love and/or loathe, a front splitter, big side skirt and rear wing. Running stretched Toyo shoes, the white-rimmed wheels fit the street-style feel.

One of the more unique design decisions at play here is the squared-off wheel arches set in base-trim black, which gives the Corvette a strong Lamborghini Veneno vibe while keeping the spirit of the MR Stingray.

Damn. (Photo from Toyo Tires on YouTube)

Damn. (Photo from Toyo Tires on YouTube)

The result is a mean look that stands out from the already polarizing stock version but may just fit in with other Pandem-kitted cars. I like it, amazingly enough, but I also reckon there's room for a slightly more aggressive frontal intake design.

Pricing is the only thing we have no concrete information of, but with rates for full kits going from anywhere near US$3000 to US$6000 or more, it won't be cheap. As for when it's coming out? Wait around this month, during the period the SEMA show would have gone live in the old times.

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