Rod Emory just invited everybody to hang out in his backyard

Hangout with the coolest guy in reimagined Porsches next summer

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Dubbed the Emory Porsche Campout, 2020's event will take place from July 10-12 in McMinnville Oregon at the family's property.

Back in 1996, Rod and his wife Amy began Emory motorsport at this very location before moving to LA 2012. Up to that point, the Emory's hosted this camp out event on a regular basis right there in Oregon. They decided to bring it back last summer and hosted more than 700 people! The family has given the greenlight to Emory Porsche Campout 2020, so be sure to mark your calendars.

They're expecting hundreds of Porsche fans to join them in sharing their love for P-Cars. It's a different type of car meet; a more enjoyable event focused on dedicated Porsche owners sharing their stories and their cars. This is a way more laid back experience instead of yet another concours event with stiff competition showing off pristine million-dollar machines duking it out for the blue ribbon.

More details to come, but reservations begin in January on Check out Rod's invitation on YouTube and Instagram here!


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