Roger Feghali taking his 500Hp/9.000Rpm BMW 330Ci E46 to the Limit

    The Lebanese Hillclimb Expert showing his credentials at the wheel of this purist RWD Monster

    The great dominator of the Lebanese Hillclimb Racing scene normally at the wheel of his impressive Lancer Evo, Roger Feghali also races on occasion this spectacular BMW 330 Ci (once raced by Garo Harotounian) on specific events where its Rear Wheel Drive layout is favoured.


    Powered by a highly tuned 3.2L S54 Naturally Aspirated unit capable of over 500Hp/9.000Rpm, delivering a tremendous soundtrack all while propelling this 1000Kg RWD Coupé to an Overall win at Roumieh Hillclimb this year, 3 tenths ahead of Naoum Oneissy on his spectacular BMW E30 we posted some weeks ago right here:


    It is a spectacular machine with a great history, where we will probably post an older video of it given its incredible curriculum, but for now let´s enjoy that such a great driver like Mr. Feghali still races such a purist car in this manner. Hopefully we will hav even more and better as 2021 approaches...

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