- The Amarok is at home both on and off dirt roads

If you're in the market for a posh pickup, well let's be honest. There isn't much choice in that segment, you've got the Volkswagen Amarok and the Mercedes Benz X-class, well me and Dave McLeod (fellow Drivetriber) tested out the former option and here's what I think-

Tough on the outside-

The particular Amarok we tested came with the Aventura package which means it had more Chrome highlights and larger wheels but don't let that shiny exterior fool you, it is very capable off road. Dave drove the Amarok down a very rough road and I followed in my Corolla wagon, after about 2kms, we pulled over because my 2WD wagon couldn't handle the rough road. I had no traction and the interior was rattling like crazy. However, through all this the Amarok soldiered on, it is a pickup after all.

You couldn't even call the surface a road but the Amarok did superbly well. It's 4 motion system ate up everything that us and the road threw at it. The traction control was just incredible, even on the tightest of corners, it kept the car planted. And the V6 diesel has enough power to tackle any inclines.

Refined on the inside-

The Aventura spec Amarok comes with Nappa leather seats, leather seats in a ute! The build quality is typical of Volkswagen and if you are a VW owner, you'll instantly feel at home here as it is similar to that of frankly most other Volkswagen cars in the market today. The insulation and quality of plastics isn't as good as the Golf but it is a pickup after all so it's meant to be a rough and tough machine.

It's got one of the biggest beds in the business and the 580Nm of torque means it can tow anything you want, really!

The Verdict-

The Amarok feels nice to drive, it certainly has a strong road presence and it's got all the torque you'll ever need. However, it feels too precious to be a pickup, it's too comfortable and there's too much luxury for me. The Toyota Hilux is a cheaper option and you won't feel guilty when you throw your muddy gumboots on the back seat whereas in this, you will.

Powerful and capable but you'll feel too guilty about getting it dirty.

Photo credit- Tez Mercer photography-


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