'Roll of Thunder'

Northern Ireland Situation Update #3

Another day, another bowl of 'Curiously Cinnamon' and another scramble across the boulder field to sit by the ocean. Sadly the tide was in and so the 20 minute Dora the Explorer adventure became just a 5 minute walk. But not all was lost because we found a dead dolphin. I offered my condolences to the carcass and was on my way.

Multiple delicious cups of PG Tips tea later we went to Tyrella Beach, where I promised my parents that I'd roll up my tracksuit bottoms and only go knee-deep into the sea. Seconds later I obliterated that promise and then persuaded my sister to do the same. Anyway I found a 2CV that I thought might be worth sharing:

From there it was on to what we were told was the 'beautiful town' of Newcastle. And that turned out to be true. The place was amazing. I've never seen such a mix of buzzing life and high streets and wavy sea. But none of that is even what took my breath away (and no I don't have asthma). Over the town sat the Mourne Mountains, which towered up into the clouds. It was a stunning sight. The entire mountain range almost peered over the whole place, like a giant oncoming 'roll of thunder':

Another thing I learned about Northern Ireland is that they love the new Honda Jazz. I didn't even know it was in production until one casually swept past me on the main street. That was the first of three or four I'd see in the next ten minutes. In fairness it really looks great I am happy to report:

🤣Sorry we were moving so it looks kinda fuzzy

🤣Sorry we were moving so it looks kinda fuzzy

We stayed in Newcastle for dinner and then very cautiously drove back to the keeper's cottage, which wasn't much help because every tractor in the United Kingdom decided to go on a rampage for us. Despite this however, we eventually arrived back at the lighthouse in one piece. Given the lovely weather we'd been getting thanks to the apparent 'Indian Summer' the forecasters had mentioned, we sat outside to enjoy the sunset. Unfortunately though, it appeared Daisy the goat had other ideas for how we should spend our evening. And so she attacked us again. At this point it was just a routine. We went back inside, we don't like picture-perfect sunsets anyway.

After that all I did was ate oreo cheesecake that I stumbled upon during our little trip to Asda, and drank tea pretty much. It's the life. That's about all for now.



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