Back in August Rollhard held their first show in the UK, and its safe to say they went a little different to your typical warehouse and carpark layout... It was hosted at Cressing Temple Barns, around a number of medieval barns and gardens set in the Essex countryside. The whole FWM family were in attendance and things got kicked off with a drive up the night before to save the early morning commute across the country.

Waiting for some m9s

We wouldn't have been the only ones who found the tunnel a nice surprise just before we turned off the motorway, right?

We were blessed with great weather for our short drive the next morning from our luxury Travel Lodge to the venue. Upon arriving it defiantly had a vibe not seen at many other shows, predominantly outside and a layout that wasn't like sardines in a tin so often seen at many other shows left little to criticise!

Juan's lovely E28 over from Belgium

Juan's lovely E28 over from Belgium

Most of us were found in 'The Village' which provided a whole host of cars not too commonly seen at shows, and a nice handful over from the continent and RollHards Belgium side of the family.

Ryans E28 & Hannahs Leon p.c Mark Rodway

Jakes Mk2 and the first outing for the US Spec front bumper p.c Unknown

The old barns, paddocks and outbuildings provided countless photo opportunities and really complimented the selection of classics which were there. The show wasn't just a one marque pony either, RollHards ethos “All makes, all models, one community” was obvious. Old, new, German, Jap, French, British the list goes on.

Sam's MK2 trimming the grass. He'd just received those lovely BBS RF's the week before.

FWM friend Sean Crompton's static E36 was there breaking necks as per.

p.c Mark Rodway

These are the same...right?!

John Meade’s Ford Escort

Some favourites of all of us, a BMW E12 528 & Mercedes W108 both bagged and from Belgium!

p.c Mark Rodway

Scott, FWMs resident photographer.

Great cars, great location and great company meant RH was a big hit, no one could ever guess it was the first they've put on. We're all looking forward to attending the 2017 show, not only that but RollHards Belgium Chapter is held 2 weeks after which is planned for us as well!

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