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    • HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS EXISTED!?! I shall be keeping a close eye on Hard Up Garage! Do they still have the Model T Coupe? That thing looks great

        4 years ago
    • Love that car, pretty random I know but I've been leaving notes on a chopped ford in mill hill north London for a couple of years. It's not moved for at least 10 years and I'd love to save it. Been putting it on all the forums I can find so thought I'd try Here :)

        4 years ago
    • Oo trust me you are not alone Ralph check out Hard Up Garage on face book :)

        4 years ago
    • nom nom nom that is epic!!! Glad I'm not alone in the UK with my mad hotrod!


        4 years ago
    • Only a little bit Randy :) its what happens when you get brits drunk on Tequila lol :)

        4 years ago


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