Rolls Rat Rod The Details

So as i hinted above this post is about the details and considering the size of the car there are quite a few that the team at Street Toys Hot Rods & Customs from Ciudad Juarez in Mexico managed to incorporate into this build. Along with ideas from the Hard Up Garage guys and Michael Lightborne as well as incorporating a certain logo that features quite a bit that i designed for the project.

You will notice that the shots have been taken in several places from Mexico to Vegas and the SEMA show itself to under stand the flow i will start with the exterior shots and work our way to the inside.

Lurking in the shade in the entrance to Street Toys and there workshop.

The thing that stood out to me the most when i first saw this car in the flesh and my eyes started to look around it was how beautiful every detail is able to standout. You see the one thing i worried about was that could you really create elegant details fitting to this car that really earn there place on such a shiny car that reflects everything.

You see its one thing having details on a coloured car and they can either flow into the car or can pop out but not sit right. with this car effectively being a mirror this allows for there to be almost a much stronger blend and visual contrast. Like the paso's covering the door locks on the doors there copper colour against the polished aluminium really does not look out of place and yet ties this car and its build location all into one neat space. As you can see in the below images and this to me really is a beautiful theme and part of the storey.

The rear half of the car and even this that looks very clean and simple at first sight beholds so many details

Below is the rest of the exterior shots.

Now the interior is split with the open chauffeur cab and then the closed rear compartment. I will start with the front first now there are a quite a few bits of the RRR element here that Bruce Holder Design transformed from my design to reality by laser engraving the leather we had for the car. One of the things to note is that the seats in the front are trimmed with the original leather from the original front seats and been beautifully re used and styled. then the use of plane gauges some of which work on the car along with some of the switches

One of the night shots of the front compartment at SEMA here you can also see the original wooden door caps reused.

So the rear interior compartment has a very distinctive Mexican feel and vibe with it all trimmed in Mexican blankets and then a very handy shot glass holder with a rather special albeit empty bottle of Tequila thats shaped like a shotgun. Then to really round off the experience in the back there is a top of the line Arc Audio Stereo installation that runs off of a bluetooth system so no unsightly head units to be seen.

its quite the colourful place in the back

I hope you liked this insight into the details on the Rolls Rat Rod

More stories from shoots coming soon