Rolls-Royce built an ultra-tiny car (and it's for a good cause)

A couple of years ago, Rolls-Royce decided to build a tiny car, in contrast with its usual products, and for once this had nothing to do with limited edition this or one-off that. This minute Roller was built for charity.

It's called the SRH and it is an ultra-small convertible single-seater, complete with paddle shifters, specifically built to make children smile. The SRH was built to help the "Love Your Hospital" foundation, a charity for the three hospitals that make up Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: the St Richard’s in Chichester, Worthing Hospital and Southlands Hospital in Shoreham.

The SRH was first unveiled in 2017 and it has helped more than 1300 children since. It was originally hand-built for St Richards Hospital in Chichester and it has returned home for the Love Your Hospital First Fifty Club event, a new fundraising initiative, which encourages businesses from across West Sussex to raise funds for local hospitals.

Amanda Tucker of Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said she's honoured "that so many local businesses were able to join the First Fifty Club campaign as corporate support is crucial and makes a real difference."

Her words were echoed by Andrew Ball, Head of Corporate Relations at Rolls-Royce, who said the company is delighted to support Love Your Hospital and is happy because "the car has already brought smiles to more than 1300 children and their families at a particularly challenging time in their lives."

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