Rolls-Royce had a great year in 2021, here's why this should trigger an alarm

Or is it just me?

1w ago

Rolls-Royce had a record year in 2021, which is awesome. Good on them. And good for you if you bought one of the 5,586 vehicles they sold. But when you look deeply at what this actually entails, I think there are reasons to be worried.

First of all, most of these sales came from the U.S. and China and the Asia-Pacific region, by which they mean Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar. Anything missing? Europe is lagging behind, no one can afford a Rolls-Royce around here. Apart from John Coleman.

gotta be honest, I'm not bullish when it comes to car segment. Luxury brands will do fine, but everyone else is looking at some pretty gloomy days ahead. I hope I'm wrong.

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  • Rolls-Royce had a great year in 2021, and here's why it should trigger an alarm @tribe

      13 days ago
    • The Yacht industry is booming now too

        13 days ago
    • because 2020 was s**t, 2021 was less s**t for regular folks, but both years were tremendous for high-earning individuals. That's okay, no hate. No point getting political, but the point is, the yacht industry is not facing...

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        13 days ago
  • Ah... But little Johnny is an Aussie...😏

      12 days ago
  • Much of this is due to the change in the European economy. We have swapped earnings for capital. Not sure if this is good or bad. It is good for manufacturers, they can invest in machinery and plant (capital) and employ less people (earnings).

    The problem spills over when ordinary people with, what was in the past, an affordable house and car, borrow more than they can realistically afford long term, to buy a better house and car.

    Not sure where, or when, it will end, but it will end.

      11 days ago