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Rolls-Royce has never sold so many cars in its entire history

2019 has become the most successful year so far

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Rolls-Royce is traditionally a limousine, a coupé and also a convertible. No one ever thought that the English brand would have an SUV in its catalogue. And that day came and since then, Rolls-Royce sales have never been better. It is simple, Rolls-Royce has sold 25% more cars since the Cullinan joined the range!

In 2019, the British manufacturer delivered 5,152 vehicles, which is 1,045 more than the previous year. The Cullinan therefore seems to have arrived at the right time at Rolls-Royce, when the SUV craze was in full swing. Since then, it's been helping boost sales figures alongside the Phantom, the Ghost, the Wraith and the Dawn.

These 5,152 cars have been sold through the brand's global network of 135 dealerships in more than 50 countries. North America remained Rolls-Royce's largest market in 2019 with approximately one-third of sales. It is followed by China and then Europe. Other countries such as Russia, Qatar, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Australia set sales records.

It should also be noted that Rolls-Royce stopped producing the Ghost in 2019 after 11 years of production. The "small" limousine will be replaced by a brand new model that will be unveiled this summer. This vehicle has been under development for five years and will finally be put on sale in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Photo credits Rolls-Royce

Photo credits Rolls-Royce

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