Rolls-Royce Has Released a Sneak Peak of Their Upcoming Cullinan SUV...

:Written by Charles Patalinghug a fellow writer of the R.I.D. crew! Contact us here, if you want to write with us like Charles! Picture So there were rumours that Rolls Royce was going to make an SUV based on the Phantom, and we have been dreaming on what it would be like. But even better than that, the rumours are not false! Rolls Royce have recently released sneak peaks of their new, upcoming SUV given the name "Project Cullinan". ​Here is what we know about it so far...

This is essentially a school run car for the extremely wealthy, looking down on people with Toyota Highlanders, Ford Edges, Honda CRVs, and pretty much any other "normal" SUV. Apart from the Lamborghini Urus - That’s not “normal” too (check it out here). (LINK)​

Following the other luxury SUVs out there like the Maserati Levante and the Bentley Bentayga, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is like Diamond vs. Gold. It will be Rolls-Royce's first ever all wheel drive car, as the other luxury brand SUVs also have AWD. It will also have an all-new aluminium body that will be used for all of the Rolls Royces that roll out of production following 2018. ​ Since Rolls-Royce doesn't really like to make engines with less than 12 cylinders since they literally dont give a crap about fuel consumption and stuff like that, the Cullinan will probably have a V12 motor under the large hood, and it will most likely be the 6.6 litre V12 from the Rolls-Royce Ghost. However, does that really matter?


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