- Screenshot from Rolls-Royce configurator

Rolls-Royce now offers a the Spirit of Ecstasy in carbon fibre

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I sat for a while on the Rolls-Royce configurator attempting to configure a Cullinan Black Badge for fun. What caught my eye was the Carbon Fibre Spirit of Ecstasy that is available as an option. So I said hell with the Cullinan and go see what SOEs are on option on the other models.

I checked out the phantom and its EWB variant, Dawn, Wraith and Cullinan. Now across these models the SOE on offer comes in three versions - the standard - Silver, the Gold plated SOE and the one in Carbon Fibre. The black badge versions also have the carbon fibre SOE as an option next to the Black Chrome SOE

Screenshot from Rolls-Royce Configurator

I wonder why they offer it now. Weight shedding is not Rolls building style so why offer it? the paint on Rolls weighs about a 100 lbs (45 kgs). That is a lot of weight. So why this and why now? Personally, I do not care. I sure people wanted this as an option. It was an option for special editions like the Adamas Collection.

But for the fun of it, I decked out a Rolls-Royce Phantom to see how the carbon fibre SOE looks. For this, I decided to use the 0.01% of designer in me to highlight the Carbon Fibre SOE. This is what I came up with.

Screenshot from Rolls-Royce configurator

Screenshot from Rolls-Royce configurator

What do you think of the Carbon Fibre SOE?

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Comments (12)
  • I want a big rear wing an carbon forged wheels to go with that.

    having a lot of money doesn't mean you have taste.

    7 days ago
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  • As if a Rolls-Royce isn't pretentious enough, a carbon fibre SoE is an option. Boyzone singer Shane Lynch had the right idea when he turned his Silver Shadow into a drift car!

    6 days ago
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