- No seatbelts! A rookie error that meant this promotional video had to be pulled!

Rolls Royce Pulls New Phantom Advert After Rapper Doesn't Wear Seatbelt!

1y ago


Rolls Royce have decided to remove a promotional video of their new Phantom model after they were criticised by road safety campaigners. The video is promotion for the Phantom, featuring the rapper Skepta making a video with his friend whilst being chauffeured around the Swiss Alps.

The rap star and his friend were not wearing seat belts throughout the video, and road safety campaigners complained to Rolls Royce, who were forced to remove it. Under Swiss law, passengers must always wear a seatbelt, and those caught without one can be fined up to 200 Francs.

It appears Rolls Royce and Skepta forgot about this law when filming for this video!

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