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Rolls-Royce sets a new sales record

...and it was mainly helped by a single model!

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In an age of economic difficulties, you might expect a luxury car manufacturer like Rolls-Royce to have a bit of a hard time. Interestingly though, that's actually not been the case! The BMW-owned British manufacturer are starting off 2020 with a bang, as last year was arguably the best year Rolls-Royce have ever had as a company!

So how many cars did Rolls-Royce manage to sell in 2019? Well, when everything was totaled up, that came to 5,152 cars overall. Compared to mainstream manufacturers that's barely even a blip, but compared to the sales records of Rolls' entire 116 year history as a company it's fantastic. It's 25% more than what the company managed in 2018, for a start! How was this marked increase possible? Well, it's all thanks to one car...

That car in particular is the controversial Cullinan, the brand's first ever SUV. 2019 was the first full year that the Cullinan was avaliable and, whilst it may go for an average base price of about $325,000, it's still managed to become the brand's fastest selling model in history. Whilst that's somewhat unsurprisning considering the demand for luxury SUVs right now, it's still very impressive. Whether that was helped by the Cullinan being featured in the music video for Ed Sheeran's hit "Take Me Back To London" is something that we don't really know yet...

It wasn't just the Cullinan either that was in high demand from Rolls-Royce customers. The brand's other models (the Phantom, the Dawn and the Wraith) gained fairly strong sales as well and there was an increased demand for builds under the bespoke programme. Whilst it may not be a huge surprise too that there's been great demand for bespoke vehicles carrying the Rolls-Royce name, it's still great to see that their decision to open up a fully public bespoke programme is paying off.

Photo: Rolls-Royce

Photo: Rolls-Royce

2019 was also the final year of the current Ghost's 11 year production run, marked by the Zenith Collector's Edition that was limited to just 50 examples worldwide. In its long run the Ghost has become Rolls' best selling vehicle of all time and a new version of the car is due to be revealed later this year. However it turns out, I'm pretty certain that the next version of the Ghost will be just as great as, if not better than, its predecessor.

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