Romain Grosjean smashes a Honda Civic into a wall at Laguna Seca

It is said to be a brake failure

4w ago

Former Formula One driver Romain Grosjean has crashed a Honda Civic pace car into a wall at Laguna Seca. The incident occurred during filming for Indy Car.

Footage has emerged of the incident taking place as he takes the Civic for a spin around the track with racing driver Ed Jones in the passenger seat. Thankfully both came out uninjured.

At the beginning of this video, you can see them both joking about Grosjean not being able to drive a manual, and on the face of it, it doesn't look like he can. However, it is said that a brake issue caused the crash and you can see this as the car enters the pits and doesn't stop in time before the tyre barrier.

The image, which was shared on social media, shows the extent of the damages, and it looks like the car won't be in action for some time.

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Comments (15)

  • Reminds me of the 2019 BTCC final round, where the championship was decided by the brake failure on a Civic

      28 days ago
    • Ill forget watching that, I so wanted the Honda to win

        28 days ago
    • Fair enough! That was the year I started watching a couple of races and I like BMW, so I was pleased by the result

        28 days ago
  • Still, could be worse. As long as no one was hurt(other than the car)

      28 days ago
  • Has this guy learned nothing? It’s pretty obvious the universe doesn’t want him racing.

      28 days ago
  • Brake failure as in he failed to use the brakes in time?

      28 days ago
  • He is the richaard hammond of the raacing scene

      28 days ago