Rome wasn't built in a day

Drivetribe is here to stay!

Drivetribe is a public podium for everyone interested in anything on wheels. Both the creators and the members participating are passionate, hopefull and increasingly involved.

However, the problems are far from over. First there is spamming, then it seems difficult to keep following people, occassionally to save work, to add captions on images and in a nutshell, the platform needs time to get over the "childhood diseases".

Frustration? Well, it is inevitable. Only today I "lost" 400 views from each of my last two articles. It is not important. I am not getting something in return anyway, apart from the satisfaction that my views have been communicated to a certain number of people.

Although I can sympathize with the negative sentiment, I cannot do the same for the negative remarks. There are certain comments that can only be proof of arrogance and bad-temper. Something not in line with a "service", which is - at least for the time being - TOTALLY FREE! Something not in line with the enthusiast's attitude either.

You read news, watch videos and live streaming, share thoughts, memories, you can make comments, create your own group of people from a GLOBAL pool of petrolheads and it costs you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Drivetribe will inevitably make an impact, once the material is organized and the structure becomes more robust. So, rather than making annoying comments of no use to anyone, keep using the platform. Share thoughts and material with friends. Invite them. Tell the global community what's the latest motor-related happening taking place in your part of the world. Make a positive contribution, so that a few years from now you can start your story with "I remember how Drivetribe started"...

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Comments (2)

  • I agree. There's been teething troubles, obviously, but that simply doesn't stop me being a huge fan of DriveTribe.

    By the way, your views should have returned. There were several moments when they failed, but they're working again.

      3 years ago
  • I truly love Drivetribe!🖤

      2 years ago