Rotary Powered 10.000Rpm Ford Escort Mk1 from New Zealand

Quite the unexpected Chassis/engine combo...but an interesting one for sure

Donn McLaren from New Zealand built and raced a spectacular version of the classic Ford Escort Mk1, powered by a 13B Wankel engine unit in Naturally Aspirated form. Built for Hillclimb and RallySprint events like Ashley Forest RallySprint in this case, the RWD machine here is producing upwards of 260Hp/10.000Rpm to move the light body in sonorous and sideways fashion.

Rotary engine swaps are of course quite a popular modification on New Zealand, but in any case it is quite an unusual sight a widebodied Ford Escort Mk1 with such a distinctive soundtrack all while being throw around on a gravel course.

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