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4y ago
- Mazda dealer Auto Frey has just opened a new museum in Augsburg, Germany. It's the first Mazda museum outside of Japan and features a line-up of 45 classic Mazdas.
- The museum showcases Mazdas that were officially sold in Europe, as well as classic models that were only offered in other parts of the world.
- Mazda Motor Corporation executive vice president Akira Marumoto said: "Everyone at Mazda headquarters is very proud that the Freys are a part of our organisation and have created something so extraordinary."
- The Frey family have been Mazda dealers since the late '70s. Walter Frey (middle) and his sons Markus (left) and Joachim (right) have personally sourced and restored many of the cars.
- On display are the likes of Mazda's distinctive AZ-1. The Freys say they have more than 120 Mazdas in their own collection, which will be rotated through the museum's 45-strong line-up.
- It's also hoped that the centre will become a focal point for Mazda meets and events.
- This is an example of the first-gen Mazda Bongo, which went on sale in 1966.
- The Mazda Carol was a kei car offered in both two- and four-door layouts.
- The Cosmo is arguably one of Mazda's prettiest cars – and also the company's first Wankel-engined model. Just over 1500 of the first-gen Cosmo were built.
- The K360 was a three-wheeled commercial vehicle, designed for use in busy city centres.
- The Luce was Mazda's executive line. Rotary versions were also offered.
- The collection even features rarities like the Rotary Pickup – REPU – and a rotary-engined Parkway bus.
- Additionally, the museum has a restaurant, gift shop and events area.
- Auto Frey itself has been a Mazda dealer since 1978, and has three dealerships.
- As well as the less commonly seen models, like these R100s, there's also a display of several generations of the fabled RX-7.
- The museum is based in a refurbished tram depot that dates from 1897.
- The Mazda Classic Car Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10AM until 6PM. Admission for adults is just €5.
- Marumoto added: "The first Mazda museum outside Japan represents a dream come true for the Frey family – to share with the public its one-of-a-kind collection of vintage Mazdas from around the world."

Frey's Mazda Classic Car Museum is a Wankel wonderland – and it's just opened to the public. Take a look inside...

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  • Gorgeous, love the original Cosmo. Also hope they put an mx-3 in. Always felt it was a pretty hatchback and underrated.

      4 years ago