- The famous first corner at Brands hatch

Round six off the heusinkveld MWT

This saturday the Heusinkveld Mazda MX-5 World Tour raced at Brands hatch. Exciting racing assured.

Earlier this week

After a great race at snetterton. I was confident I wanted to prove my speed again. But I felt I was on the limit with my technique to go faster. So I tried to find other things to get faster. I tought who is the fastest guy on the grid? Well, it's Sonny Kanchin. But why is he so fast? Luckily for me he has a Youtube channel with several video's off he's races. I watched a couple off them and watched he's technique.

The difference? Clutching! He uses the clutch at up and downshifts. I only used the clutch when upshifting and blipping the throttle when donwshifting. So in one week I learned myself to use the clutch in both ways. How this made me faster? I could brake later and harder because I can use the engine more to slowdown. Also, I could focus more on trailbraking. But I still have a lot off work to do!


So after some practice this week on my new technique I got really 0.5 seconds faster per lap... Well, let's say on one lap. When I focus really hard and get it al wright I can be much faster in one lap. And really it all came together in this weeks qualy. I qualifyed 7th on the grid! only 0.4 seconds away off Kanchin. Eroo Nomm just in front off me and Tom Rathje behind me. Can you imagen that? At Spa, the first race off the season, I qualifyed P31! I mean thats improvement and dedication to get faster!

The race

So like I said, on one lap I'm getting faster. But with greater speed comes greater responsibity! I was consitent with my previous technique. But I have to start all over again now. While my speed get faster my consistenty dropped down a little bit.

My start was pretty weird. The car slidded left starting from the line. Never had that before. Also I missed a gear after the hairpin. My apololies to Marcello Pagnan who hit me in the back because off this. I was having a lot off trouble upshifting from gear 2 to 3 this race! Also apologies to Neil for the same situation.

I lost 2 positions in the first lap. Okay, no worries I felt I could keep the pace off Nick Thissen. If I could maintain this who nows where I could have finished! But in lap 3 all hopes where crushed when I lost the rear in turn one! Luckily I could manage to stay out off the wall and not hit any other drivers! Starting Again in P20. For the rest off the race I tried to get a good consistenty. But it was really hard because the rear tyres where pretty loose. Although I managed to get back in P12 and second in Am class. Considering the bad first laps I'm still happy with the result. Scored some good point for the championship!

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