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1​) 621 bhp Turbo S, 0-62mph = 3.1 seconds

Y​ep, this Turbo S does actually have turbos. Two of them actually, nestled within the glowing banks of the re-engineered 4L V8 found in other members of the Porsche stable. Thanks to the chaps in Weissach the V8 now produces 78.9bhp more than the outgoing Turbo and 50nm more torque. Oh, and it'll reach 196mph on a quiet motorway - I have a feeling that 200mph saloon and estate cars are just around the corner...

N​ew Turbo S gains design cues from the 911 Turbo

N​ew Turbo S gains design cues from the 911 Turbo

2​) Fastest "executive" car around the Nürburgring = 7:29.81 minutes.

T​his is one of those niche lap records. See, the AMG GT 4-door Coupe, which is the Panamera's nearest rival is actually faster by 4.6 seconds. However, the AMG GT 4-door lays claim to the fastest 4 seater record, whereas Porsche lay claim to the fastest executive car record - confusing isn't it.

R​record setting Preproduction car.

R​record setting Preproduction car.

3​) Extra eco-friendly E-hybrid variants.

T​he E-performance offering (4S E-Hybrid) still has the venerable V6 bi-turbo but gains a larger 17.9kWh battery, an increase of 3.8kWh. Basically this allows you to cover around 33.5miles on electric alone, according to WLTP tests anyway, and reach the lofty heights of 141mpg - in a Porsche!

4​) Extra safety systems.

Porsche Communication Management (PCM) includes additional digital functions and services such as the improved Voice Pilot online voice control, Risk Radar for up-to-date road sign/hazard information and includes wireless Apple® CarPlay. Most importantly Lane Keeping Assist with road sign recognition is now standard across the range.

5​) GTS gains the best exhaust.

R​e-enforcing the wide spread rumour that the GTS is the sweet spot of any Porsche family, the new Panamera GTS comes with a brand new sports exhaust as standard. As well as tuning the engine to sound particularly good, largely thanks to its new rear silencers, designed to counteract the increased noise reduction in the exhaust tract and the distortion of the specific sound produced by the engines firing order. The sports exhaust system supports the specific exhaust gas pulses used to create the sound and allows for even finer tuning of the characteristic V8 sound. Oh, and the power delivery has been designed to mimic a naturally aspirated engine - its a win win situation!

G​TS remains the sweetspot - I'll have a Mamba green one please...

G​TS remains the sweetspot - I'll have a Mamba green one please...

P​ictures via: Porsche AG

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