- Royal Enfield Classic 500 Tribute Black Edition

Royal Enfield commemorates death of Classic 500 with Tribute Black edition

The last of the Royal Enfield Classic 500 commemorated in a special limited production Tribute Black edition

13w ago

IT’S the end of an era, as the Royal Enfield Classic 500 is set to cease to exist. The last bikes are currently hitting dealership floors, with confirmation no more examples will be shipped to Australia or New Zealand.

To commemorate the Royal Enfield Classic 500, A Tribute Black edition will be released in limited numbers, with pre-ordering to commence today for the special model. Just 240 unites will be available.

Each of the Classic 500 Tribute Black motorcycles will be handcrafted at the iconic Oragadam factory in Chennai. The Tribute Black will feature pin stripes, hand painted by the Kumar brothers, celebrating this long standing Royal Enfield build tradition.

The Classic Tribute Black comes with premium leather and rider pillion seats to add to the authenticity and exclusivity of this end of model special build. Each bike will carry a serial number plaque indicating its position in this very special production run.

The hallmark UCE 500cc engine has echoed Royal Enfield’s tradition of the long stroke character, producing an unmistakable thump that has reverberated through the hearts of its riders for over a decade.

The Tribute Black will see the UCE supplied in an all black livery, complementing the Classic 500’s timeless visual appeal.

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Tribute Black Edition

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Tribute Black Edition

It will be priced at $9,590 ride away in Australia, but collectors looking to keep it in pristine condition as a keep sake, can purchase it without ride away fees. It will be provided with a 2-year warranty, and two years roadside assistance.

Royal Enfield is one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s fastest-growing motorcycle brands with a strong dealer network, enjoying promising growth with motorcycles that appeal to a broad range.

2021 will see further development in the Royal Enfield product line-up as the brand continues to push its market share in the mid capacity segment. We’re sure Royal Enfield will be working on an enhanced replacement in the coming months.

For further information, contact your local Royal Enfield dealer.

All Prices quoted are in Australian dollars. This article was written by Andrew Jenkin and first published on Exhaust Notes Australia.

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Tribute Black Edition

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Tribute Black Edition

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Comments (2)

  • These are neither fast nor even slightly modern, but they are so beautifully light motorcycles. One can genuinely compare them to a current 125 as far as heft and ease of manhandling goes. While a 125 runs out of breath, these 500s will carry on winding up to a reasonable speed, but their greatest quality is their apparent achilles heel, their antique technology. The thing is though, even after ditching the pre-unit, you could buy a new, yet classically designed, motorcycle. An awful lot of older riders have found their second wind with one of these, finding them ideal for someone whose best days are behind them yet the desires of youthful exuberance never really went away. This outgoing model will become an instant collector's piece. What a handsome bike to be sure!

      2 months ago
  • It's really really pretty.

      3 months ago