Rules for My Garage competition

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Prize draw start and end dates:

The prize draw will run from 12pm UK time on Tuesday, August 28 and closes at 6pm UK time on Wednesday, September 5th. All entries must be received during this period and we will not accept entries outside of this period. We will contact the lucky winners by the end of Wednesday, September 5th.

Details of the prize:

We're giving away a DriveTribe goodie bag including some exclusive signed merch and model replica of the winning garage entry

How do I enter?

Simply head to your profile and add some cars to your garage. Anyone, anywhere can enter. If you're in our app, you might need to close and open the app to see the feature.

How will winners by chosen?

The winner will be chosen at random and notified by the end of Wednesday, September 5th. The winner will also be revealed in the comments section of the video posted by James May by the end of Wednesday, September 5th.

We have general terms and conditions that apply and which you should read as they contain boring but important information that will apply to your entry and how you may claim a prize. By taking part you accept the terms and conditions and the Rules and agree to be bound by them. Any failure to abide by any of the terms and conditions and the Rules will disqualify you from taking part and your entry will be deemed invalid.

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