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Rumour: New BMW M3 to get All-Wheel-Drive & Manual Gearbox

Purists rejoice or not

2y ago

As the next gen of the 'M Car' gets ever closer, more and more specs leak through this time around an anonymous source close to BMW, shared some information about the upcoming cars drive-train options with the bmwblog.com

Reportedly the new G80 generation M3 will come with two separate drivetrain options, an RWD sDrive, and all-wheel drive xDrive model. The RWD model is shaping up to be a true enthusiasts car available with a Manual or Automatic gearbox, meanwhile, the xDrive model will be automatic only.

It's unknown whether or not M3's xDrive system will get a 2WD mode like the current M5 xDrive, however, given the existence of the sDrive variant makes it unlikely. Furthermore, it's nearly certain that the M3 xDrive will be as much or even more rear-biased as the system in the M5 which BMW said to be more 2WD+2 rather than a full AWD.

BMW M5, xDrive mode selector.

BMW M5, xDrive mode selector.

The RWD will get less power

Okay, purists, you can pick up your pitchforks again, the RWD M3 with a manual will get fewer horses under the hood, we don't exactly know how much less atm, it might potentially be a fairly insignificant number that will be offset by the weight savings of the RWD set-up over the AWD model.

Sadly the top 'Competition' trim that will see the M3 adopt some parts from the M5 Competition will be reserved for Automatic/AWD models only. The Competition trim is likely to offer more power, sharper steering, stiffer suspension and be an overall more performance focused package. Below is an artists render of the upcoming M3 and an M5 Comepetition press photo.

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Comments (5)

  • Why in gods name would you get a BMW M3 with AWD?? Its sacrilege! Just get an Audi if you want AWD...

      2 years ago
  • I wouldn’t buy a new M3, I’m not a big fan of the looks anyway

      2 years ago
  • Are they wanting to loose customers. Unless they are making a evo rally version like the original

      2 years ago
  • Im ok with them offering the awd with the same system the m5 has that allows to switch to full rwd on demand. Best of both worlds

      2 years ago